Redland Tru-Brix – Mechanical Fix Brick Cladding

Redland Bricks mechanical fix brick cladding “Tru-Brix” has a long history in the USA where it has been used in excess of 12 years on many construction projects throughout America.

Redland Tru-Brix is now manufactured under licence in the UK by Forterra under the brand name SureBrick and is available for supply and installation through ourselves.

The System is completely non combustible and can be used at heights above 18 meters where adhesive fix systems are limited. Our system is quick and easy to install. Any brick colour or texture can be used in the system. The following points give some of the benefits in using this system

The brick slips are mechanically fixed

All system components are non combustible

Any 65mm F2 brick can be used

Exceptionally thin and lightweight

Projecting brick coursing and architectural detailing can be easily incorporated in the system

Soldier courses are quick and easy to install

DPC and weep vent details are simple to add into the overall design

No need for bricklaying skills on installation

Has vertical coursing height adjustment

Full system and installation training provided

This is a very cost effective solution