Brick Cladding Panel Detail

This page contains general information including panel size and layout detail

Custom Panels

We will gladly give you prices for any custom manufactured panels to your design. 

Just forward your design by sketch or photo and we will do the rest

Make Up Panels

These panels are available in 1200 mm and 600 mm lengths and are to be used as described in the information above where the example shows a make up panel being utilised

Header Panels

Header and Cill detail can add charm and character to your building when used around windows and doors. Contrasting colours and textures can give a nice feature to these areas. 

Shown above are the three standard panels that we manufacture. The panels are reversible and can where necessary be cut to any size with diamond cutting blades. The missing bricks at the joint sections are supplied separately for site bonding after the panels are fixed. We will supply the necessary fixings with the system dependent on your application.
Please see our specials section for make up panels, plus sills and headers detail.

The panels are generally set out as shown with overlapping and sealed joints. Corner panels can be used as window and door returns and are site cut to size and then cut tiles are bonded in place on site where the joint bricks fit. Where brick coursing does not fit the wall you are cladding then you will require a make up panel as shown below.

Not all walls will work out exactly to brick size or panel size. In this instance a make up panel is utilised. The standard panels can be cut using diamond blades so you can always produce your paneled wall to within one brick width which would require the make up panel to be used. The panel is simply cut to the final width of the opening and then fixed to the backing structure. The bricks either side of the make up panel will also require trimming before site fixing.